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Writings From My Heart | 9-15-11

Exploring and discovering what you really want…

Here is a simple yet powerful series of questions to explore…
To be able to tap into what you REALLY want!

(This is a companion exercise to Mary A. Hall’s | 9-15-11 | Healing and Coaching Call – Exploring and tapping into your heart’s desire and purpose as well as incorporating and partnering with Abundance Energy)

Exercise to lead you to your heart’s desire for what you REALLY want!
(Play full out and answer the simple questions below)

What do I want? _______________________

What would _______________________ provide for you? _______________________

What would _______________________ provide for you? _______________________

What would _______________________ provide for you? _______________________

What would _______________________ provide for you? _______________________

What would _______________________ provide for you? _______________________

What would _______________________ provide for you? _______________________

What would _______________________ provide for you? _______________________

What would _______________________ provide for you? _______________________

What would you being doing if ___________________________? ____________________________________________________________________________




Below is an EXAMPLE of exploring what you want: (IE:MORE MONEY)

What do I want? ___More Money____

What would _____More Money____ provide for you? _____Less Stress_____

What would ______Less Stress_______ provide for you? ____Ability to Breath____

What would _____Ability to Breath_______ provide for you? _______Feel at Peace_____

What would ______Feeling at Peace______ provide for you? ______To Enjoy Life_______

What would ______Enjoying Life________ provide for you? ______Free to Be Me_______

What would ___Being Free to Be Me___ provide for you? ___I Could Do Anything__

What would __I Could Do Anything___ provide for you? __Feeling ALL is Possible__

What would you being doing if _____ALL is Possible_____? ____________________________________________________________________________




Also visit Accessing Divine Inspiration Coaching Program (8th Accessing Divine Inspiration Call | May 7 | Replay)
For more around exploring the ‘Divine Energy of Money’.


  1. Thank you Mary, Jennifer and all the callers on Sept 15th call about the Divine Energy of Money. I got so much from this call! As many expressed, at the end of this wonderful process I came to find my true passion and desire. Not only do I want to have more money, health and love for myself, but I reconnected with my deepest longing to inspire and assist others in creating a joyful and abundant life.

    Thank you, Mary, for your wonderful reflection of that. Since I signed up as a member of this group, I have had increasing experience of this dance of abundance; developed a real, true trust in our loving, generous God; and made a deeper connection with my own Light. Whoo-hoo!

    Love to all,

    Comment by Mary on September 19, 2011 at 4:32 pm

  2. Hello Friends,

    Thank you all, & so much Love & Gratitude to Mary, Jennifer, Veronica, Kim, & all my virtual friends on the Sept 15th call about the Divine Energy of Money.

    After completing the exercises provided on the site, I discovered that I would like lots more Money and a Happier, more Energetic, Healthier, body :)

    This would provide me with making a great, big, happy difference in the world by helping, and connecting with others on the planet all over the world. In doing this, I feel powerful, empowered, expansive, energized, kindness, valuable, spiritual, loving, compassionate and a sense of connection, oneness & unity with all beings on the Planet.

    I now know that I can do anything that I desire, & I now know that much more money, much more energetic, glowing, vibrant health & wellness is possible, & that all is possible, no matter what….:))

    This in now my new Mantra :)

    Much Love, Light, Peace, Abundance, Prosperity & Gratitude to all:) Ky

    Comment by Mary on September 16, 2011 at 2:42 pm

  3. This exercise changed my energy instantly. I came to the class tonight feeling very stuck with the intention to find a way to get unstuck. As I went through the exercise my heart opened. I realize I can use this when I am feeling a wanting/not having energy to get to a place where I am playing in the energy that is much more expansive. Thank you I love you all, Ingrid

    Comment by ingrid on September 16, 2011 at 5:35 am

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