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Welcome to Abundance Alive! There is so much for you to enjoy in this Abundant Community!

Welcome to Abundance Alive – Healing & Coaching Community

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If you haven’t join this supportive loving community yet… with open arms we welcome you!

WELCOME! JOIN US TODAY… to become a part of this amazing Healing and Coaching community to support you in creating YOUR abundant life!!

Abundance Alive is a virtual haven for a heart-based community providing cutting-edge coaching programs and revolutionary healing to ultimately discover a fully abundant life.

Jump in and discover the joy, ease, abundance and well-being that is your true nature ready to be experienced!!

This community is radically different than anything else you’ve ever experienced. It provides you immediate access to revolutionary, cutting-edge, heart-based coaching programs that guide you directly into the abundance, joy and well-being that is already your true essence.

Many of our community members have experienced dramatic shifts and life-altering awarenesses after only listening to a few calls, yet by signing up you have access to ALL the upcoming live and archived programs.

Here is a list of some of the coaching programs available to you right now for immediate accesss through this community:

  • 30-Day Challenge – take the challenge to dramatically shift your gears by learning simple, easy to implement steps that will transform your thoughts and beliefs and open you up to a life of ease and abundance.

  • Accessing Divine Inspiration – this course teaches you simple techniques and processes to help you get out of the way to be able to receive the guidance and inspiration to live your best life. Answers around many of your questions will surface and be revealed as you open up to this divine inner source of guidance.

Look what you will receive by signing up today and joining us in the current Healing & Coaching Program being offered through this amazing community…

  • Full and unlimited access to ALL coaching programs – you will have access to all of the calls and recordings of any coaching programs happening now AND you will have full, unlimited access to ALL coaching programs that have happened through this community in the past as long as you are a current member.

  • Live calls with Mary – You will have access to live calls with Mary A Hall – a renowned healer, coach, speaker and author who has transformed lives around the world.

  • Live calls with her Support Circle Team – Mary has a large support team of healers and coaches who she has mentored personally and who have studied her work intensively. They host calls each week – as they expound on Mary’s teachings and offer ‘mini’ sessions of healings, coaching, or ‘readings’.

  • Full access to all recordings – you will have full access to ALL recordings – from the coaching groups, and from any live calls hosted by Mary or her support Circle team. As long as you are a current member, you have access!

  • Ask Mary – This site has a forum through which you can submit any question you may have around Abundance or anything else Mary teaches. Mary answers these questions live on calls or through her Blog.

  • Bonus Audio Clips and Resources – in addition to the recordings from calls that have happened through these healing and coaching programs, you also have access to ADDITIONAL audio clips and resources from Mary’s other products, programs and coaching sessions. These further enhance your learning.

  • Discounted personal healing/coaching sessions – Mary’s Support Circle Team offers GREATLY DISCOUNTED sessions for one-on-one, individual sessions. You can request a session at any time and can experience a variety of healing or coaching modalities just for you.

This Abundance Community is a place of safety, conversation, insights and healing for all who join.

If you would like to be a part of this amazing community of individuals here supporting each other, we would love to have you join us.

CLICK the BELOW LINK to view our PROGRAMS available and gain immediate access to join this amazing private members community!