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Meet The Team


The Abundance Alive SUPPORT CIRCLE TEAM consists of healers and coaches that have been mentored by Mary in each of their modalities. In addition to having a solid understanding of the principles, processes and techniques that Mary teaches, they offer a wide range of healing and coaching modalities through which they can help you to heal, shift and transform any areas that are keeping you from accessing your Abundance.

Each of the Support Circle members are listed below with a brief write- up of who they are and their expertise. Take some time to get to know them the team that is here to support you through your journey to Abundance.

Below are two wonderful audio recording interviews that Mary hosted with the Support Circle Team Mentorees. To listen to their candid before and after, as they walk through what they learned and how they incorporated Mary’s principles of abundance. These hold juicy information of amazing truths they discovered by doing this work. Read more


Veronica WebVeronica Runyon is a powerful healer, with an intuitive ability to hone in on core issues, inviting a profound healing experience on all levels – physical, emotional, mental or spiritual.

During sessions, (which can be done in person or via distance), through Reconnective Healing ®, Veronica introduces you to a new set of frequencies of light and information that returns your body to balance by clearing and dissolving obstacles. The healings occur through the introducing of new levels of light and information which reconnect you to the Universe, the fullness of your being and to the very essence of who you really are. The work continues long after your session ends, as you grow and expand at a higher rate.

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Kim Coleman A regular contributor and speaker on this site, Kim Coleman is a heartbased holistic practitioner, mystic, healer, uplifter, teacher and coach with a private practice since the early ‘90’s known both locally as well as Internationally.

Her loving, easy and playful nature allows a very safe and sacred space for your ‘inner stuff’ to show up. Part of her training is to reprogram beliefs quickly at the subconscious level and to work with body based wisdom, the wisdom held in the temple of the body – spirit in matter. Each process that Kim uses is quick and effective at uplifting you from old programs, habits and beliefs that have prevented you from resonating with your True Self as a Divine Being of Love and Light where ‘All is Possible’.

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Deborah FoxDeborah Fox is an energy therapist and an empowerment catalyst. She has dedicated her life to being of service to those seeking resolution and peace from their personal wounds and inner distress and from the energetic traces of ancestral and familial grief.

She invites each individual to breathe life force into their essential being and open their heart-space to release the darkness and welcome the light that they truly are.

Deborah offers an eclectic blend of energy healing and energy psychology modalities enhanced by her innate intuitive wisdom, honed from years of study, exploration and personal healing. She serves as a facilitator of quantum energy shifts and she can assist you in releasing deep-seated fear, trauma, distress and anxiety. She supports you in stepping into your magnificence, perhaps now hidden from your awareness.

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Suzanne MurraySuzanne Murray is a gifted teacher, creativity and writing coach, and EFT practitioner committed to empowering others to open fully to their self expression and creativity in whatever form it takes and bring their beautiful gifts into the world. She works with simple, powerful techniques to help clear whatever gets in the way and creates a safe and sacred space and sense of permission for creativity and personal expression to really blossom.

As an EFT Practitioner she enjoys helping others shift out of patterns that limit self expression, creative freedom and living a life they love. As a writing coach she works with both writing for creative expression and writing to tap divine guidance for wisdom, clarity and transformation to access one’s own inner wisdom and natural abilities to heal and live an abundant life.

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Bev Pugh is a gifted ,inspirational teacher and psychotherapist. She is a registered MSW with over 30 years of counseling experience in Canada, Australia, Japan and Thailand.

Bev’s passion is to be a catalyst for individuals to release limiting beliefs and past traumas allowing them to step into the beautiful truth of who they truly are. Bev is highly intuitive and taps in quickly to core issues. Her focus is to help her clients shift into a space of truth and the higher vibrational energies that reflect this expansion.

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Carolyn is an inspirational and passionate teacher, holistic coach and energetic healer, who empowers her clients to experience fully vibrant health in all areas of their lives – spiritual, emotional, mental and physical. Carolyn provides a “Haven for Healing” and her wholly integrated approach considers all aspects of her clients’ lives bringing forth healing and balance into all facets of their fully-dimensional beings, unlocking their infinite potential.

She holds her clients in a loving, nurturing embrace, seeing their true essence of love and light. This beautifully sacred space allows all aspects seeking balance or healing to show up, revealing the areas most appropriate to be released in the moment. As Carolyn easily taps in the true essence of each individual, she gently guides her clients to connect within to the Divine Being of Love that they truly are at their core. In doing this, they are empowered to KNOW that “All is Possible!” and that a life of Abundance, Love, Peace and Joy is there for them to experience NOW!

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Debbie Lyn Toomey is an intuitive healer and coach, empowering her clients through healings that guide them into their own well-being, purpose and potential. As a second generation intuitive, she has a natural ability to take others to their Ultimate Healing through coaching sessions, energetic healings or supportive messages via ‘readings’. She honours the unique and multi-dimensional needs of her clients and supports them to live wholeheartedly and authentically.

Debbie Lyn intuitively holds the space for gentle yet powerful sessions that assist in her clients’ unfolding, empowerment and healing. She has devoted her life to understanding and inspiring the fullest meaning of “Harmony, Health and Well-being” and brings her diverse teachings and practices into each session, tailoring the sessions to each individual client and their unique situation in the moment.

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Punita Greenberg is a compassionate, intuitive and heart-based empathic coach, EFT practitioner and Conflict Resolution coach. Having studied energy psychology for over 30 years, she is trained in the most revolutionary healing and coaching techniques available. 

  Punita embodies a divine angelic quality that allows her to hold a loving, caring compassionate space for you, your story and your life experiences to be heard and honored. As she holds you in this delicate space, you are gently drawn within, to an unfolding, to access your true feelings and longings hidden deep within, offering you tremendous riches and gifts.

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Elizabeth Adams integrates her 35+ years of experience as a professional artist with her training as a counselor and art therapist. She likes to describe herself as a guide or a spark of inspiration. A deep and intuitive listener, Elizabeth facilitates a gentle introduction to visual journaling and creative self-expression. She provides opportunities to explore and play with colour and shape, metaphors and meaning that access and enliven the inner creator and reveal the beauty messages within. Elizabeth offers a sacred space and a playful place to explore, discover and uncover one’s divine essence, with “I can” energy.

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